About Indoor Raceway

Family owned and operated for over 20 years, from its humble beginnings, through to today, we provide everyone, young and old, the opportunity to unleash the speed demon lurking inside them!

At Indoor Raceway, our karts are built and maintained in house.  We utilise the latest timing technology available, which means that after each race, each group gets a printout of their lightning fast laptimes! We keep our karts equal, so it comes down to driver skill and technique.

Currently, we have a fleet of over 20 Karts, which are broken down into adult Karts (15 years +), Intermediate Karts (5-14 years), and also Double Seaters (so the young guns can have a ride with mum or dad). We can put up to 10 Karts on the track at a time, which allows everyone to race against each other at the same time. For race information on large groups (10 people or more), please click on our "Races" tab above.

The racebox, located alongside the track, provides spectators the opportunity to get as close to the racing as possible (without actually racing!). In the racebox, we have several screens, showing how many laps each person has done, their fastest laptime, and also what position they are coming in the race!

We also operate a fortnightly teams league, which is an adrenaline fuelled night, for you and a bunch of mates to race against other teams!. Check out the 'Teams League' tab above for more information.

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